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Strategies and incubation for startups.


From your website, to server hardware, full-stack, full service.


Digital identities, logos, networks and more.

Social Marketing

Consultation and campaigns.

from [ IDEA ] to [ REALITY ]

We have all the tools you need to get your ideas up and running.


Have an awesome idea for a startup but not sure where to begin?

Wyred [START] will get you everything you need to launch your startup from incubation and discounted hosting to a full-service web app.
Built from the ground up, Wyred [FOUNDATION] provides an API centric application framework to create the best possible environment for your ideas to live.
Does your business require any type of white-labeling service?

Wyred [LABEL] gives you our branding engine and front-end templates, which makes white-labeling a snap.
Wyred [FLOW] is a visual back-end builder. It makes linking APIs and databases into web apps so easy, you’ll never have to code anything.

This product is currently in beta.
So, how do you look?

Your digital identity is extremely important these days. Wyred [ID] is devoted to making sure your business makes the best impressions all around from your logo to your Instagram account.

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